U.S. of Ye


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U.S. of Ye
Kanye West


This is Kanye West's platform for 2020. He wants to give a voice to the silenced. He's promoting free education, free thought, and other free shit.

Kanye's Real Tweets

Yes, Kanye really wrote these tweets (before deleting them). We did the rest.

Kanye's Campaign Video


[Verse 1]

Thank you voters and promoters — we the ‘Ye administration.
From the beats on the streets, to the whole fucking nation.
But we came a long way — who care what town we raised in?
We were slaves to our thoughts but freethinkers can’t be caged in.

This our future — we’re the boss. Tomorrow ain’t copy/pasted.
It’s okay if we get lost — freedom’s never time a-wasted.
Tear a page from this mess, it’s time we write our weigh in.
With an ear to every chest — what is it you all sayin’?
To the young, to the old, to the her, him, or the changin’ —
To the black, to the white, to the green, or purple, asian —
We stand before you here today to put you in the narration:
‘Cause in the U.S. of ‘Ye, there’s a voice this generation.

The U.S. of Ye is the U.S. of free shit
You don’t got to pay to learn, think, or bleed shit,
You don’t got to wonder “what if?” “could be” shit.
We stand together, that say-what-we-see shit,
No dropouts like me, this that final degree shit.
‘Cause in this land we free, to think as we please it.

[Verse 2]
I’m exposed to the prose, I speak to our legacy.
I be chosen, I’m Moses — I set all my people free.
Don’t foreclose, don’t bulldoze — high taxes ain’t a guarantee.
And that Betsy Devos? Look just like a B to me.
Put an end to that ho, fuck all that illiteracy.
Fuck those women who chose — my mama, she gave life to me.
Equal, I’ll impose — this ain’t the damn confederacy,
Don’t just watch this unfold — vote for the Kanye policy.